Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Committee

Chairman: Dr. C. Ramhnehzauva, Assistant Professor (Dept.of Geography)
Secretary: Dr. C. Lalnunkima, Assistant Professor (Dept.of Geography) 
  1. T. Elis Pumzalam, Assistant Professor (Dept.of Economics)
  2. V. Lalengkimi, Assistant Professor (Dept.of Education)
  3. Miriam L. Colney, Assistant Professor (Dept.of English)  

Nature of Work:-

  1. To assess the students’ learning level and conduct appropriate remedial classes.
  2. To adopt appropriate strategies for advanced learners.
  3. To conduct tutorial classes.
  4. To cater to the needs of differently able students.
  5. To organize departmental meeting where in teachers prepare the teaching plans to be spread over the year/semester.
  6. To adopt problem-solving approach as teaching methodology.
  7. To use wide range of techniques, Materials and experiences to engage students’ interest.
  8.  To return corrected answer scripts of tests and internal semester examination to the students and discuss in the class point to the transparency and effective teacher-student interaction.
  9. To address student grievances regarding evaluation.
  10. To evaluate the performance of the teaching faculty by means of a Teacher Assessment questionnaire (TAQ) and feedback is obtained by the principal.
  11. To give confidential feedback to teachers about their teaching effectiveness on the basis of institutionalized mechanism of evaluating the teachers.