Students Welfare Committee:
Besides the academic environment, the college cates to the need of a large student population mainly from the Lai's, Chakma's, Bawm and Pang background whose standard of living and literacy percentage is quite low. There are numbers of outstation students having accomodation problems. So, for the benefit of the outstation student, the college is building hostels for boys and girls with large room that can accommodate at least 100 student.
The college holds Student Union election, a representative body of the student every year through direct voting by the students in true democratic principles where elections are fought keenly and with great enthusiasm.
In order to promote sports and other co-curricular activities, the college holds College week every where we have active participation from the students in indoor and outdoor games, social and cultural items, Debating erc. Due to the sport programme, several of our students have been outstanding sportsman at the District, State and National Level.
The College also participate in the Inter College Sports organised by the Mizoram University to promote goodwill and friendship through sports and other cultural activities. Through the college could not have active participation in inter college due to lack of fund and high expenditure on conveyances. Other than this, the college actively participate in the sports and cultural events organised by Lai Students Association, Lawngtlai and have won many prices.
Since the College is situated a few kilometres from the heart of Lawngtlai Town, conveyance is a big problem. However, for the benefit of the student, the college provides bus service to the students which helped the students a lot and has reflected in their attendance and academic performances.
The college is building and planning to create more opportunities for the promotion of the overall development and welfare of the students.
The members of the Students Welfare Committee are:
Chairman: HC. Lalnunthara, Associate Professor (Dept. of Mizo)
Secretary: Dr. Lalramnunmawii, Associate Professor (Dept. of Geography)
  1. Lalsangliani Ralte, Associate Professor (Dept. of English)
  2. Rebecca Lalawmpuii, Associate Professor (Dept. of Public Administration)
  3. Vanlalhruaii Chinzah, Associate Professor (Dept. of Economics)