Research Promotion Committee
Chairman: Dr. Vanlalringa Bawitlung
Secretary: Dr. C. Ramhnehzauva
Members: 1. R. Lalrammuani
               2. David Lalmuankima
Nature of Works:
1. Encourage and Promote research culture among faculty members (eg. Teaching workload remission opportunity for attending conference, seminar etc)
2. Faculty members are encouraged to pursue research leading to M.Phil/Ph.D under faculty development programme
3. Provision for research facilities in terms of research journal incentives.
4. Facilitate faculty to undertake research by providing assistance
5. In order to keep pace with the rapid changes in the field of higher education, the faculty members are encouraged to update knowledge and to acquire latest insight of their field of study.
6. Faculty members are encouraged to involved in continuous upgradation of their knowledge  through various programmes such as Refresher Course/orientation programme, training and workshop.
7. Record book is maintained for faculty involvement in research (eg. number of research project carried out, number of research articles published, number of paper presented on seminar/ Conference, number of Seminar/conference/workshop attended etc)
8. Conduct Seminar/Workshop
9. Communicate other organisation for organising seminar/workshop.