The Red Ribbon Club was formed on 10th August, 2006. Since then, the club have been operating smoothly. The present members constituted the following:

Chairman: MC.Lalrokhuma , Associate Professor (Dept. of Political Science)

Secretary: Rebecca Lalawmpuii, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Public Administration)


  1. C. Lalthlamuana, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Economics)
  2. R. Lalrinfela, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Mizo)
  3. Vanlalhruaii Chinzah, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Economics) 


The main purpose of the club is to make the student aware of the danger of AIDS and the alarming rate at which it spreads. The Club tries to equip the students with enough knowledge about AIDS, So that they can function as Peer Educators both inside and outside the college campus.


The Red Ribbon Club of the college is enrolled in the Association of Voluntary Blood Donation (AVBD) Lawngtlai District. The Club along with NSS Volunteers, has jointly been donating blood every year to the District Hospital, Blood Bank, Lawngtlai, which is a very valuable contribution.


In collaboration with the Principal of the College, the RRC made Blood Donor’s Card for donors. The RRC plays important roles during college weeks by sponsoring Red Ribbon T-Shirt, putting up Banners, Organizing Debates, and essay writing Competition etc. It has also organized HIV/AIDS awareness campaign within the campus several times.