The Evangelical Union of the college is started in 2006. Its motto is ‘ Let your light shine’, and aims to carry out the vision of the Union Evangelical Students of India and to lead the students towards a better moral life.

            There are four faculty members looking after the Evangelical Union, namely

            C.Lalthlamuana- Asst Professor

            Lalramnunmawii-Asst Professor

            R.Laltlankima- Asst Professor

            Sissy DZ.Zampuii Zote- Asst Professor

                        Office Bearer from amongst the students are elected to take lead of the Union along with selected Executive Committee members.

            Regular assembly is held every Monday and Friday during any convenient time at any vacant room. On some Fridays, invited speakers deliver lecture on career guidance.

            Fund Raising is done by selling edibles during college weeks and selling of leaflets. Money thus raising is given away to the needy and motherless home.




Government Lawngtlai College IGNOU special Study centre was started in December, 2005. It offers different courses like undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, Master Degree in English, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Public Administration, and MSW. It also offers Certificate course in Primary Education and Bachelor preparatory programme.

            The centre is looked after by  Co-Coordinator:

                        M.Asir Perin Roy

                        Associate Professor

                        Department of English

Contact: 233491(O)





Mizoram College Teachers Association (MCTA): Has its branch in the college where all faculties are its members. The Office Bearers are:



National Service Scheme:
The NSS Unit of this College was started in 1989. The first Programme Officer was Mr. Lalchhuanmawia Sailo, National Awardee of Best NSS Programme Officer and along with this, The NSS Unit of this college was awarded national Best NSS Unit in October 16, 2000. At present we have 200 Volunteers which is manned by two Programme Officers nemly:
1. Miss Lalrammuani Asst. Professor, Department of Education
2. Mr. J. Lalrinawma Asst. Professor, Department of Sociology
Funding: Allthe financial assistances is received from State Liaison Officer, NSS Mizoram under the Department of Sport and YOuth Services, Government of Mizoram. All the grants-in-aid received from SLO were utilized as per the guidelines and schedules made by State Liaison Officer and the local unit programmes after consulting the college Principal.
Main Activities: The NSS Unit has been doing remarkable services for the community by implimenting various loudable activities and programmes such as tree plantation, fire prevention, voluntary blood donation,awareness campaign or cleanliness, anti-drugs, rain water harvesting, environmental protection etc. Another important activities which are carried out every year is constructing urinal shed, waiting shed in public places and repairing existing sheds. Besides this, the NSS Unit has adopted villages in which most of the activities had been taken. Presently, we have four adopted villages such as Chawnhu, Saikah 'U', Mampui abd Thingkah villages.Special camping is organized every year in which volunteers rendered their services for the villages community like clearing village roads, fountains, constructing shed. The NSS Volunteers actively participated in State and National Youth Exchange programme every year.
During Calender year of 2012 - our volunteers has carried out activities which are shown below:
Activity Place where Programme held
1. Voluntary Blood Donation Civil Hospital, Lawngtlai
2. Construction of waiting shed District Jail, Lawngtlai
3. Repairing old shed College Campus, Lawngtlai
4. Repairing Urinal Shed College Campus, Lawngtlai
The Nss report like monthly, quarterly, Half yearly, Special camping proposaland camping report, expenditure account is submitted to State Liaison Officer regurlarly. After the establishment of NSS Programme Coordinator Cell, NSS Mizoram University in 2012, all the reports are now submitted to Programme Coordinator, NSS Cell Mizoram University from 2012-2013 and the Financial assistance is also received through NSS Programme Coordinator, NSS Mizoram University.


The Red Ribbon Club was formed on 10th Aug,2006. The present Office Bearers are:

Chairman: MC.Lalrokhuma , Associate Professor

Secretary: C.Lalthlamuana, Assistant Professor


 Lalramnunmawi, Assistant Professor

Zarzozuali, Assistant Professor

All Students.


            The main purpose of the club is to make the student aware of the danger of AIDS and the alarming rate at which it spreads. The Club tries to equip the students with enough knowledge about AIDS, So that they can function as Peer Educators both inside and outside the college campus.

            The Red Ribbon Club of the college is enrolled in the Association of Voluntary Blood Donation(AVBD) Lawngtlai District. The Club along with NSS Volunteers, has jointly been donating blood every year to the District Hospital, Blood Bank,Lawngtlai, which is a very valuable contribution.

            In collaboration with the Principal of the College, the RRC made Blood Donor’s Card for donors.

            The RRC plays important roles during college weeks by sponsoring Red Ribbon T-Shirt, putting up Banners, Organizing Debates, and essay writing Competition etc. It has also organized HIV/AIDS awareness campaign within the campus several times.




The college Students Union which is under the Ex-Officio Presidentship of Mr. T.Thangthuama, Principal works for the welfare of the students and have proved helpful in different matters pertaining to the college and the students. 


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