The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college which is formed after the Accreditation of the college in september 2008 functions for the enhancement of quality in the College.
The Chairman and members of the IQAC are:
1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell
a) T. Thangthuama Chairman
b) Remlalnghaka Coordinator
c) C. Ramhnehzauva Asst. Coordinator
d) Project Direcgtor DRDA Member
e) District Education Officer Member
f) Principal DIET Thingkah Member
g) Dr. Vanlalringa Bawitlung Member
h) K. Hre Kung Member
i) C. Lalthlamuana Member
j) Lalrammuani Member
k) Lalramnunmawii Member
l) T. Hranghluta Member
k) Dr. RT. Hnialum Member