The Cultural Committee of the Govt.Lawngtlai College was set up in 2008 under IQAC to pursue qualitative improvement in Arts & Culture to impart the importance of various cultural dances, dresses, attires and other practices among the students. The Committee, in the beginning consists of four members under the chairmanship of Mr. K. Hre Kung, Associate Professor of History Department and Mr. Zirkhuma Chinzah as its first Secretary.
The Committee was re-constituted by the meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College in it's meeting held on 16th March, 2021 as follows:
Chairman: J. Lalrinawma, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Sociology)
Secretary: Rebecca Lalawmpuii, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Public Administration)
  1. HC. Lalnunthara, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Mizo)
  2. R. Lalthankima, Associate Professor (Dept. of Public Administration) 
  3. Thansuanhang, Associatet Professor (Dept. of History ) 
As it is important committee, the cultural committee take part in all cultural programmes of college functions. It conducted programmes for practicing colourful and beautiful Lai Cultural dances in collaboration with Art & Cultural Department of Lai Autonomous District Council. Students used to participate in many items even when Cultural Programme conducted during college week or other competitions. Students also presented beautiful and colourful dances to important guest who paid their August visit to our college.
The committee also aims to impart the idea and importance of cultural programmes and to inject such ideas to the students for better understanding and moulding of national consciousness.In short, we can say that cultural committee acted as part and parcel in various functions and programmes organised by the college by performing colourful cultural dances of the Lai's like Rawkhathlak, Chonglaizawnh, Sarlamtawn, Pawhlotlawh, etc.