Canteen Committee of Govt. Lawngtlai College has been run since 2008 to improve, monitor and functioning the canteen smoothly. The main purpose of this committee is to provide good and better quality of tea, snacks and food items to students and staff. A separate canteen building is run in college campus which have been looked after by local entrepreneur through tender system.
Members of the Canteen Committee are:
Chairman - Lalrammuani, Associate Professor (Dept. of Education)
Secretary - Lalrammuani, Assistant Professor (Dept. of English)
Members - 
  1. V.L. Rinchhani D. Azyu, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Education)
  2. M. Lalramdina, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Political Science) 
  3. PC. Lalrindika, Assistant Professor (Dept. of Geography)