Anti Ragging



Anti Ragging

            As per UGC Regulation, Government. Lawngtlai college has constituted Anti-Ragging committee on 10th October , 2012 curb the menace of Ragging. The committee consists of the following members:


Chairman: T. Thangthuama, Principal

Phone no. : 2323030, 9436148238)

Secretary: Dr. Vanlalringa Bawitlung,            Associate Professor, Dept. of History

Phone no. : 9436148166


Mc. Lalrokuma, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science. Phone no : 9436148776

David V. Khiangte, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Public Administration, Phone no : 9862915086

Lalramnunmawii, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography, Phone no : 8731879493


            Anyone having complaints or subjected to any kind of ragging may contact the chairman and any of the member of the comitee.

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